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Yes, Amazon is expanding!

In a recent article that I read off of RetailGeek, it explained how Amazon is growing and making changes to their business. In Chicago, Amazon is now offering free same day pick-up and free return drop off. They are opening up kiosks up in the Chicago area to give customers faster access to their purchases or giving them the chance to return their items. This is such a smart idea for Amazon. For one, returning things on Amazon can be a hassle. As it stands right now, you have to go to their website and print off your return label and then go to a UPS store to ship it back. On top of the return aspect, Amazon will offer free same day pick up for prime members at these locations. If these places take place nationwide, Amazon will grow even bigger. Bezos is always looking for ways to make his customers happy and coming back. And this idea of his, just might be one of his best yet.

If you would like to read the article for yourself, here is the link!

Amazon pilots new Pickup Locations in Chicago (field report)

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